Young M.A — Big Steppa (Audio/Quotable Lyrics)


Young M.A released her Official Audion to Youtube on August 6. Everything begins with a piano instrumental intro. The lyrics are all approximately four stanzas, describing his adventures. He starts using gratitude towards the service that he got out of his hoes and bros. A vivid picture is painted nicely in the first stanza, where she cuts the number of hoes to be between 6 – 7, while his brothers drop between 10 and 12.

It appears pretty clear she trusts in God for the reality that she saluted God. The point she attributed to this verse does not seem comprehensive well, but she delves into praising a woman he admires a lot – that she sees as an enthusiast.

In this lyric, Young MA goes farther in Narrating a little experience she had with this woman, her moody personality, and her playful moments. She says she’s a guy, well I’m your nigga Overly” looks appealing but disappointing for M.A. Here, Ma depicted sn attitude of jealousy; however, he reasoned that a pick in the next stanza.

At a recent interview with M.A. on her hottest Releases, she replied: “I understand I am a woman, but goddamn!” States Young M.A., celebrating her encounter in a dusty mirror that leans against the walls of a studio room in Manhattan’s Chinatown. She runs her hands across her anus in disgust, showing the Aries tattoo, which outlines the border of her left hand.

M.A. got laced with a new haircut but Was reluctant to make makeup for her mug for the photoshoot. “Not too much,” she suggested the onsite makeup artist, who checkered M.A.’s encounter with concealer, mixed it and then gently applied some placing powder. She even took a nervous step back for M.A. to critique, like anticipating feedback in an audition. A few cosmetics were too much. “I seem as an Instagram model!” yells M.A.’s reflection in the mirror. She catches a local washcloth and wipes her face wash. “That is better.”


She a bartender and a fan 
But she only shake her for the bands 
I don’t pop no Percs, I don’t pop no Xans
But I keep a cup of Henny in my

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