Young Dolph — Death Row (Audio/Quotable Lyrics)


Young Dolph has introduced the single “Death Row,” from his forthcoming record Rich Slave.

The song acts as a tribute to Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight, and the Death Row label. Within a defeat by Paper Route Empire manufacturer Band play, Dolph expresses gratitude for his victory and is excited about giving back to his community.

Even though Dolph formerly teased the birth of a new record, ” he announced the impending launch of Rich Slave before this month. “It is the fact of being Black in this country,” he explained in a media release when describing the album’s name. “You’ll have cash, and it’s possible to be a benefactor and a pioneer in your area, but all people today see is Black epidermis. Each of the bullshit I learned as a child, we still confront in the current time.”

He continued, “Over the years they have given us a small bit of liberty but it’s just a temporary pacifier. Hopefully this record leaves people understand that although men like me do well, we are still influenced by racism and inequality. It is 2020, but the exact same material is still happening.”

Besides, the single and album, Dolph Has also declared the Rich Slave Lamborghini Contest, which opens today and continues through August 20. The winner will be rewarded with a custom-wrapped, blue-and-orange-striped Lamborghini ($412k worth ), which Dolph will send himself.

The Lambo in query is a 2018 Aventador S Roadster same car featured at the Rich Slave album artwork. The randomly-selected winner will be declared on September 4. Fans may input by pre-ordering Rich Slave or purchasing products from Dolph’s online shop.

Rich Slave is set to launch on August 14. It would be Dolph’s first launch since his 2019 combined album with Key Glock, Dum and Dummer.  Ahead of “Death Row,” Dolph also released the single “Blue Diamond,” As well as the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted”RNB.”


Big boss, CEO, on that Suge shit
I smoked a kilo back-to-back, on that Snoop shit
On that Dr. Dre shit, I’m still ruthless
Thug Life, out ‘lone, on that Pac shit

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