Young EZ — They Tryna Be Cray


Download “They Tryna Be Cray” by Young EZ Mp3 & Skull 320kbps Song Format On Fastzipmusic.

“They tryna be cray” is a leaked remix verse to Young Nudy, and Playboi Carti’s leaked song “Kid Cudi”. The song is supposed to have features from Ancillo and Choppavlone.

Young EZ — They Tryna Be Cray Lyrics MP3

I smoke dope like Kid Cudi
Yeah these bitches swear they love me
I swear that you shouldn’t trust me
All these hoes just tryna fuck me
I’m with all that lovey dovey
I just want some sucky sucky
I just want some sucky sucky
She just tryna get lucky
Metal Arm like my name Bucky
Kid Killer like I’m chucky
Push to start don’t need the key
Push to start don’t need the key
Told that bitch get on yo knees
Diamonds sick they needa sneeze
I’m just tryna count my green
I’m just tryna pour some lean
Got some shit you’ve never seen
Test me shoot you with the beam
Got some shit to make her scream
Sir Rome in the studio
Fucked that bitch on video
Post that shit to Vimeo
Tried to snatch . Gimmie hoe
Purple cup sip it slow

Random X that’s the bros
Spray you down no water hose
Talk that shit you gotta go
Fuck around and get exposed
Yeah we flowing like a boat
Walk in the room put on a show
There ya go

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