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Russ might be one of the most talked-about rappers, but he takes himself as an underdog. On his most recent project, ‘Why’, he brings his chair to the big boys’ table, comfortably sitting together with the Drakes, J. Coles and Kendrick Lamars of this entire world.

That is mainly thanks to another melody-driven attention along with also his ever-present uncompromising lyrical content. Russ opens his 15th release reflecting his rise to notoriety. On ‘Need A Moment’, he humbly admits his expansion: “Nevertheless in the cellar / Only the basement is a tiny bit bigger now.” Since he manoeuvres a sea of acoustic seems that he pops his collar a bit, pointing outside the luxuries celebrity has given him which proceeds into the Rick Ross-featuring ‘Guess What’ (“Guess what? I simply set my logo in my own pool”, Russ boasts).

From this Why, as opposed to simply having a resolution with haters and glancing off a shopping list of substance trophy products, Russ explores actual depth here. He is still ruthless. He is still unapologetic.

However, there are flashes of vulnerability disperse during ‘Why’. “I thought I was gonna die around the time that I left ‘Zoo’,” he raps on ‘Shots’, investigating the excess use of alcohol in addition to life’s many different spoils and the way the press treats him.

In reality, Why’s record attributes further signify Russ’ disconnection out of conformity. Even though the rest of the business clambers on the most significant new titles, he calls upon the likes of Devin the Dude (‘Foot On The Gas’), Benny the Butcher (‘I Thought You Got Me’) and also Bugus (‘Asshole’). And that is where ‘Why’ actually shines. It is unorthodox by current industry norms, nevertheless seems better than the vast majority of all label-steered smashes.

Together with Russ finding success in his terms, ‘Why’ is exceptional. Consistent from beginning to finish, it is a complete body of work compared to 2018’s’Zoo’. We often hate people who succumb to their defeat, and Russ understands this. But that does not stop him requesting his accolades while he is still alive (“I need roses once I am alive, not only roses once I die”). And, boy, has he made them with this record.


Hole in my heart, need to breathe, need a break now
That was a waste now, oh
I should’ve known from the jump
You’ve been cold, you’ve been hot
Did you plot on my gold, lost my faith now
Thought I could trust should’ve guessed you would change now
F*ck what you sayin now, oh

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