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offset father of 4 download

The Migos’ third member finished off their solo album ventures with his own, FATHER OF 4.

It’s been nearly ten years since the famed Atlanta trio made their debut in 2011 with Juug Season, nevertheless, Offset shows no signs of aging or slowing down with this newest release.

Takeoff is a close alternative while Quavo is firmly in the last; even though he makes up for this with his melodic hooks.

Since I felt this way, it didn’t surprise me Offset’s album was undoubtedly the best of the bunch.

This is why Offset gets known to feature other projects very often.

This album was really a big hit.

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Offset Father of 4 Download

Offset Father of Four Lyrics…

Yeah, (Swerve)
It’s noisy off the set path
How can I make choices
I’ve yet to discover we have?
Must need rehab
If you think you know me from the
Facets they show these folks
To get money, I gotta laugh
How funny it is you don’t realize
The skill lies in knowing within
The truth there’s still lies
It’s called being civilized
But not to trivialize your belief in
The semi-fictionalized
I am who you see
What you hear is part of me
But there’s so much more to me
So much more to be than just alive
A son, a brother, a husband, a father
But still can go even farther
Wish and will, can go harder
In that time, I went the hardest
More than this generic term “artist.”
A reality smith, you love”>love my craftsmanship
Because I craft some shit to
Make my…

Firstly, I had been one of the group of people who was not aware that Offset has four children.

Within the first time that he opens up about having his first child at age 17.  He goes on to name all of his children and talk on his relationships with their mothers.  This was subject thing I didn’t anticipate from Offset and I was surprised that he was willing to start up.

Two of the features on the album also surprised meJ, Cole and CeeLo Green.  Both of them include their unique sounds with this effort and assist to sonically extend the album beyond the snare sound we are used to in the Migos.

Cole spits his special brand of lyrical fire “How Did I Get Here” and CeeLo adds some amazingly smooth vocals into”North Star”.

Additionally, to no one’s surprise, Cardi B has been featured on the tune”Clout”, and I could honestly say she delivers one of my favorite verses on the entire job. This album is full of bangers, as anticipated, but it also has its fair share of profound content.

Critics of the rap hate that lots of rappers appear to only talk about partying and cash while they fail to put any material of material.  Offset proved to me he has the ability to switch things up if he needs (key word: desires ).

Generally, this album was great and has qualified Offset as my favorite member of the Migos.  The main faults are the cover artwork, which was obviously photoshopped (sadly it does not seem that Offset managed to get all of his kids in the same area ), and I think a couple of songs could have been cut (possibly the tune with Gunna).

I’m happy“>happy the Migos experimented with doing solo artwork and I’m looking ahead to what they produce in the long run.The album begins with two minute spoken word intro by Big Rube of Dungeon Family fame, that has done album intros for artists and bands like Future, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Killer Mike, and much more.  It also puts a loose theme for the album, which is largely centered upon his children as well as his tumultuous relationship with fellow artist, Cardi B.

This ultimately takes shape on the ninth track on the album,’Don’t Lose Me’, which is an apology track to his wife.    Offset is obviously making an attempt, even though it can be a while until he really comes into his own lyrically and begins rapping about something other than foreign watches and cars.  This endeavor is viewed even in the beginning of the album, with the Atlanta rapper tapping Dreamville’s J. Cole to get a feature on the next track,’How Did I Get Here’.  Furthermore, the lead single created by Metro Boomin,’Red Room’ is another introspective monitor, in which Offset raps about his near-death experience in a car accident, as well as the pain and suffering he sees around his neighborhood.

Father of Four

Offset’s FATHER OF 4 is nothing groundbreaking, but the album’s introspective and private texture makes it stand out across the other two Migos solo outings and leaves us hopeful for prospective solo work from the father of four.

It’s safe to say each of the celebrity rap band of Migos is idiosyncratic, however during this time, collective livelihood arc of solo albums, just Offset has created a campaign that centers across the private.

Just one single–the meditative”Red Room”–preceeds the launch of FATHER OF 4, the title of Offset’s oft-delayed solo introduction, but dependent on the tone of his media streak leading to the album’s arrival, there seems to be an emphasis put on revealing who Offset is, and exactly what he has been through.

These subjects are not new territory for the Gwinnett County, Georgia-raised rapper, but exploring intimate topics within a set of three is much different than doing this independently.

“Fuck all that flow shit because I don’t do music for cash.   This is precisely what I believe in.   Let us go, then.”

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