Night Ranger in “When You Close Your Eyes” feels loved again


Night Ranger — When You Close Your Eyes

when you close your eyes

Night Ranger released a gorgeous song about a guy who loses one woman he unwisely walked out on. He seems back on the great times and wonders if she still thinks about him and remembers him kindly.

When You Close Your Eyes” is has been a song by Night Ranger from their 1983 album titled “Midnight Madness”.

In the U.S., it hit number fourteen on the Billboard Hot list. It alsom made the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Within the music video, scenes of the band performing are interspersed with a guy’s  memories of various scenes. His ex-girlfriend showing the present situation of her, a homemaker married to a chimpanzee, reportedly played in the video by Tom Segura.

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Night Ranger — When You Close Your Eyes Night Ranger Lyrics

When it’s falling apart
And you know it was going
From the very start
Do you close your eyes
And dream about me love

A girl in love
With a gleam in her eye
I was a younger boy
All dressed in white
We’re older now
Do you still think about me

I remember we learned about love
In the back of a Chevrolet
Well it felt so good to be young
Feels like yesterday

When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me

I guess I don’t know what I’m thinking
Coming off a hard night of drinking
Angle come closer to me
I need a soul to bleed on

It could a been done
In a different kinda way
But that ain’t you
You play tough when you play
It’s over now
I bet you still think about me

I remember I held you so tight
And we danced the night away
With the moves of two wide eyed kids
I need you so much today

When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me

I remember we learned about love
In the back of a Chevrolet
No good for an old memory
To mean so much today

When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me
When you close your eyes
Do you dream about me

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In an interview with lead singer Jack Blades, he explained: “We were performing the second album. We had a lot of songs finished, and I was sitting in the backroom of the recording studio, Image Recording. I began playing this particular chorus on the piano, which is an instrument I do generally not play – I usually create songs on something or guitar.

“Though I was just sitting in the back room on the piano, I played this particular chord. And I am not a great piano player; I play more love ghetto piano – I stretched my fingers play the chords. I began singing,’ When you close your eyes, do you dream about me?’ It is the chorus, I was like, that is sort of a magnificent chorus. And I was simply banging it out. And the co-owner of the studio, a guy called Harry Maslin, who created all the Air Supply records back in the early’ 80s, came walking in. I am like,’ Hey, Harry, listen to this.’ And I began playing it and singing it, and he goes,’ Man, that is a fantastic chorus, you need to complete that song.’” He said during a ournalism report by Billboard officials.

From an interview, he said “I began playing several of the chords and also showed it to the keyboard player of ours, Fitz (Alan Fitzgerald), and started banging around with a bit of stuff. I revealed it to Brad (Gillis), and we worked it up with the band, though we did not have the lyrics. We were both in Hollywood”.

This time, many distractions were going on when we began editing the record. The guys from Motley Crüe were down all the time at the studio of ours. And we were constantly up at the Rainbow, and always running around.

There seemed to be a lot going on, a great deal of partying, everything that way. So I got on a plane and then flew to my parents’ home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I flew there late every Thursday evening, and Friday, Sunday and Saturday. I just sat around a swimming pool. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I sat around a lake where I could simply focus on nobody around me, and no chatter going on, no parties. And I finished writing, finishing up the lyrics to three songs, one of which was’ When You Close Your Eyes.” He said.

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From another interview conducted with Night Ranger on his song, he simply replied: “I felt great about the words on that. It all sort of came to me, just about just how you move on in the daily life of yours. I thought about my old girlfriend, where we split up, and I wonder if she ever thinks about the past, and most of these items you went through when you had been growing up, and all these things you did when you were in concert, and the first love of yours, and the first lady that I made like to.”

“And then everyone moves on with their lives, and you simply move on in different ways. And I often wondered,’

“When you close your eyes, do you think of me? So I completed the lyrics, and hereby, flew again on Monday, and sang all the words.”

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Bottom Line

Night Ranger has been an awesome table-shaker in the music world since the 80s. And “when you close your eyes won’t only be evergreen, but will also forever linger in every one’s memory. Kindly share this night ranger song after download.

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