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JoJo’s  “What U Need” is a song featured on the upcoming deluxe version of his 2020 album.

Jojo is going to boot up with Demi Lovato to get a remix of album cut “Lonely Hearts,” that is set to be released together with the remaining deluxe LP on August 28 through Warner Records.

Jojo took lovers behind the scenes of the shoot for the new music video “What U Need” on Friday (August 7), solely for Billboard’s First Stream+.

Describing her fiery new as “another degree of assurance that I’m feeling at this stage in my entire life,” the pop singer describes the assumption behind the monitor’s take-it-or-leave-it message.

“It is like when you are in a situation-ship and you are realizing, ‘Yo, I’ve everything you could need, so what exactly do you want? Since I really don’t need to remain within this no-man’s property, within this entanglement. You understand, I’m too fly for this particular, pretty much. So tell me exactly what you require, otherwise I have ta move.”

JoJo also opened up regarding the inspiration for What U Need’s choreography-laden video. “Basically, I just wanted to dance because of this video… I only wanted to dance throughout the entire thing, I have never actually done that before,” she states.

“I wanted it to be vibrant, I wished to bring from the colours from this album packaging and also have that significance.”

On August 28, the singer is set to release the most deluxe version of her latest album, “Great to know.”

Pop-R&B singer JoJo is seeking to take over the month of August. She is considering shutting out the month of this year by releasing the deluxe version of her newly shared record Good to Know on the 28th.

Jojo has additionally approached two new siblings, each of which will be featured in her lengthy forthcoming album: “Lonely Hearts (Remix)” with Demi Lovato along with”Love Reggae” with Tinashe.

On Friday (August 7), JoJo shared with her only “What U Need,” a course that’s another offering on her coming deluxe drop-off. The tune teeters on hot and inviting, as she sings to her spouse she wishes to research all a part of him when he’d only let her know what he desires, emotionally and sexually.

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Lingerie cool but the oversized tee make you act a fool
What you need? Tell me what you need
If you squeeze, boy, I got the juice
With a little bit of vodka
Unpack your childhood traumas
Tell me what it is? Tell me what it ain’t?

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