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Guapdad 4000 has just set his melodic music to screen with his brand new “Deadly Assassination Summer Squad.” Swagger and charm can get an artist far — mercifully for Guapdad 4000 can boot, which makes him a bit of a multi-pronged threat in this rap game.

Capable of spitting pubs together with all the poise of a veteran emcee, according to his continuing “Rona Raps” cypher collection, his most recent fall “Deadly Assassination Summer Squad” highlights his melodic abilities.

Though, it’s a short track, Guapdad makes sure to shake it full of substance. “Although it is hot out here,  I’m still gon’ be a criminal,” he raps. “Come and check my fever, spent strain from the Gucci shop, assassination artist, flippin’, make that shit perfect.”

Guap’s flow throws right to a hectic whirlwind, although never at the expense of his comfort. It is a testament to his abilities as both a melodist and a lyricist, capable of mixing both worlds into a cohesive package.

From an interview on Deadly Assasination Summer, Guap recalled his past days and fundamental sources of information. Would you believe that he started by default because his two parents were out of prison, and with both sisters & grandparents in need of shelter, Guapdad turned into shoplifting, credit card swiping and fencing stolen merchandise (“finnaming” in his words). After getting tired of this back and on the cycle of a petty offense, he turned into a rap career that began with a bus excursion to Los Angeles with just $20 in his pocket.

With the music speed, people will soon start to notice this Ferragamo Falcon, as ingenious a voice, with this contemporary rap game as they sound.

Have a hearing to the strangely titled “Deadly Assassination Summer” today, and show some love to Guap by commenting below.


Even though it’s hot out here, I’m still gon’ be a criminal
Come and check my temperature, spent fever in the Gucci store
Assassination artist, flip it, make that shit flawless
Every band in your hands, out the dumpster
Don’t understand how business work
It’s the youngster mindset, my mindset about that action
I’m tryna flex and have sex, fuck his taxes

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