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Kane Brown is an important figure in country music. His country-pop twist on audio makes his tunes super catchy and irresistible. His new single “Cool Again” is nothing short of a masterpiece. This contemporary state song is a hit for all fans of music.

Though this song was just recently published, it is set to top the country charts through the entire summertime. What I like about this song is the background music. The excellent tools used to make this type of summertime vibe.

It makes me happy to listen to this tune since it’s such a nostalgic noise. He speaks about how he wishes to be trendy again like he had been last summer, and that’s precisely what we all desire. With Covid-19 occurring, most of us would like the summer that we had this past year.

The chorus of this song is so appealing it will be stuck in your head daily, maybe weekly. I have been listening to the song on repeat–that is just how much I like it. Even when you’re not a massive country fan, this tune is the ideal way to lift your spirits. It makes me want to fast forward with a standard, enjoyable summer at the shore with my family and friends. It is a terrific way to inspire trust in the middle of this outbreak.

As I mentioned previously, the lyrics increase the musical facet of the song. It’s easy to become caught up in tune with the insistent chorus along with Brown’s eloquent voice. The melody and lyrics match perfectly together, making it great to get summertime single. My favourite lines are when he talks about that he wants to be trendy again like they had been previously. I feel as if we could all relate to if it is a connection or just a friendship.

Go on and add this song to your summertime playlist. It is that easy. This song is such a bop which you can’t withstand the great vibes it provides off. Thus, be sure that you follow this tune at full volume for the best results, and thank you later.


I really wish that I was kickin’ back with you again
Atop the penthouse, somewhere checkin’ out the view again
‘Cause every time we do it, it’s like new again, it feels like new again
Do I need you so?
I’m missin’ all that body
Oh, the head to toe
Can’t somebody, anybody, tell me? Oh
I just need to ask ’em, “Where the love did go?”

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